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Today Won’t Ever Come Again


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Titles from Unbreakable By KHJ

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Bring Infinite to T.O my lovely Canadians~

(And while you’re there vote for the other idols to come to Canada too! We can make it happen! Please let Canada finally have some idol love!)

Back Stage Access


 GD where the Reader as a techie in the show Requested (She has a new URL but I can’t remember what it is >.<)

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Undercover Love: Chapter Nine~

Hey guys, this story is coming to an end probably only two or three more chapters!

Undercover Love: Chapter Eight

Hey followers! 

I hope to post the next chapter of Undercover Love this weekend. I haven’t been posting and can’t promise that I’ll be posting with any frequency this summer. 

On top of working full time, my family is going through some stuff right now, we had a cancer scare with my grandpa and he’s going through surgery next week, I’ll be staying with him while he recovers and he doesn’t have internet. Also a close family friend passed away last week, he was only 15 and with the funeral and the visitation there won’t be any time to write. 

Thank you for the messages of concern, which I just saw today (I’ve actually not been on this blog in a long time) I really appreciate it. I’m okay, as okay as a person can be in this situation. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging, I don’t want to leave this blog behind but posting will be difficult around everything that’s happening. Just a heads up.

Thank you so much,

Love from SB!

P.S. On a happier note, who is excited for Infinite’s One Great Step? Hopefully, I can get tickets for the show in NY! 

I’m Breakin’ My Rules Again~


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Gosh it’s been so long since I wrote something. I hope I didn’t forget how >.< I hope Uni hasn’t taken all my creativity.


It had become an all out war. You wanted to prove that Changmin was gay. 

It was for his own good. He had been single for a long time and you were pretty sure that it was because he was looking at the wrong type of people.
The wrong gender to be specific.
As one of his closest friends you had decided that you were being a great friend by helping him admit to his sexuality. 
Sure it was pushy and kinda rude but it was for him. It was to make him happier! 
It hadn’t started with you so technically it wasn’t your fault.It had been Jaejoongs fault.

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Exam week~ I’m hoping to post the next scenario soon! Please wait for me^^ Have a great day!
Don’t Pretend You Ever Forgot About Me


Chansung. Dirty Dancing. Requested by

Part 2

"Don’t talk," he said.

Chansungs arms were strong and warm under your body. He put you down on the bed with a gentleness that seemed impossible with the anger that seemed to be running through his veins.

"No, Chansung you have to stop," you said, pushing as his shoulders as he crawled on top of your body. 

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Don’t Pretend You Ever Forgot About Me


Chansung. Dirty Dancing. Requested by

Part 1

He was leaning against the wall as you entered the dance studio. Just looking at him made you angry.

On some level you wished that you hadn’t gotten the job. But then again…

"You’re my new partner?" he asked turning towards you, his jaw went slack. "How the hell did this happen?"

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A fanvideo make to bring Super Show 5 to Canada!

As fans of Super Junior even the worst day can get better by meeting another ELF or hearing their music. They are with us every day and we want to show them that Canadians love them just as much as the rest of the world!


This video was already tweeted to all the members and SME but getting more views would greatly help the cause!

 I will go to NY for Suju in  heartbeat but there is something special about seeing a group on your home soil. Henry, bring the boys home^^

Does anyone know where I can find~



B1A4 - First Photobook Private Special Edition (First Press Limited Edition)

Everywhere I check says out of print but I can’t except this. My goal is to own everything that B1A4 has released and this is cramping my style. If anyone knows some secret place where I can buy this please let me know! I’ll love you forever~ As will my B1A4 collection!

It’s completely out (I’ve looked everywhere I could think to look) unless someone sells their copy, unfortunately.

That is so ultimately depressing :( But thank you for letting me know! I guess I just gotta wait until I meet the boys and they give it to me themselves.

(Delusions of a B1A4 fangirl)