So I found this. Everyone be careful. They’re not done.

honestly why the fuck is this even necessary, 4chan

i did not want to come home to this tonight

It’s no longer safe to simply browse tags. Don’t risk it.

If someone new follows you and you don’t know who they are, don’t follow back. If someone you’re already following posts gore or the like with the obvious intention of triggering others:

  1. Unfollow immediately. Don’t try to talk to them. Don’t reblog or make a text post about your reaction. Don’t show any sign that something is amiss.
  2. Get help. Even if all you need is someone to talk to and cry it out. Call a friend, a loved one, or family.
  3. Don’t give in. Bad thoughts and the “solution” that sometimes occur to us are in some cases unavoidable. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Don’t give in to it. Find someone and inform them that you’re thinking of ending your life. Don’t allow yourself to be alone, even if all you can do is sit on Skype with someone. You are a person and you matter. I love you and want you to be safe. 

Please take care of yourselves, guys. Turn off Submissions and Anon asks if you need to. Just be safe.

This is really important, so I’m boosting it here. Be safe! 


I Will Confess


Yonghwa Requested by 



Part 2

In the end you didn’t talk to him after class. The Professor had snagged him to talk about his latest paper and you took the chance to run away. Yonghwa wasn’t the guy you had been imagining.

These past few months you had been picturing an entirely different guy. Yonghwa was…not the guy for you. You had nothing in common except for your competitive natures and that didn’t make for a good relationship since neither of you wanted to be the one to make a move.

Were you disappointed? You weren’t sure. Yonghwa was a handsome guy but that wasn’t all that you needed in a boyfriend. You wanted someone who you didn’t want to punch most of the time. Yonghwa didn’t exactly fit those qualifications. 

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I Will Confess


Yonghwa Requested by 

Omg I’m so sorry for not posting in so long! I just had the last two months of school which was filled with exams and final exams! And I just got back from Korea this week! I spent a wonder two weeks in the place of my dreams. Korea is amazing! The city is beautiful, the people are friendly, the sites are like something out of a movie. I hardly believed it was real. I got home and cried in the shower, after 6 years I’ve finally been to Korea and I loved every minute of it! Now only a year and a bit and I can go back to teach!

Side: I saw all four members of Miss A, all without makeup, they are so beautiful~! I saw Changmin from 2AM, Chansub and Ilhoon fron BTOB and Hakyeon from VIXX! And my favourite of all….Taecyeon from 2PM! I saw him and burst into tears, I love 2PM and Taecyeon so much, it was wonderful to see him in real life! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have seen these people~


Part 1

You glared over the edge of your book across the library where your self declared nemesis sat. You gritted your teeth in frustration. He was supposed to be a nerd. What kind of nerd looked like that?!

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Friendly reminder that Eat Your Kimchi/Simon & Martina have

  • called Eric Mun of Shinhwa a paedophile for appearing in a Teen Top music video
  • tagged one of their videos with “Hyuna is a stripper”
  • continued to rate English in KPop songs despite how blatantly racist and…

Every time someone tells me how much they love Simon and Martina I want to puke, they are disrespectful people and do not deserve to be the face of International fans! 

Except for some reason people still eat up every piece of crap these people put out. It’s disgusting and I’m glad to finally see a post like this. Thank you for writing this!

Buttons galore guys. I don’t know about you but I love buttons, my bag is going to be covered in them by the time I get done with this tumblr! Share in my love for buttons~ keke Love you all~

Hey fellow Canadians! We have an amazing opportunity here to bring Teen Top to Toronto! Let’s all vote and show Korea that we are drowning in Kpop fans too! We just need enough votes to prove that Teen Top is desperately wanted in Canada! And who doesn’t want Teen Top? Have we all seen Changjos thighs? Point in Case. 

Vote! Vote! Vote!

It All Makes Our Blood Run Hotter.


Teddy Park Requested by


"I’m sorry babe, I can’t get home tonight," You boyfriend, Hongjun sighed into the phone. "This new song is now coming together. I need to get it to YG soon, Lee Hi is ready for her comeback."

You stifled your sigh and tried to cover it with a cough. “Okay, that’s fine.”

"I know it’s not," Hongjun said. He mimicked your sigh. "I wish I could be there for you more."

"It’s okay I’m getting used to sleeping alone," you hadn’t meant to say that. It came out before you could stop it.

"Oh baby please don’t say that. You know that I don’t mean to stay in this studio all night long. I miss you, " he was using his desperate voice.

"Miss me how?" you asked, raising your eyebrow. He only used that voice when he was feeling particularly needy.

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I Know I Got You By My Side


Part 2

You knew something was wrong before you even opened your eyes. You felt a presence in your room, something with dark intentions, it had the tell tale sign of the Shadow. You wanted to move but your body felt too heavy.

Just as you opened your eyes, bodies descended on you, covering your mouth with tape and your eyes with rough, itchy fabric, tying the knot tight around your head. 

You flailed in an attempt to get away but your hands were bound and seconds later your feet followed. Your body refused to move. Now you could no longer even quick. Within seconds you passed out again. 

Nichkhun was that last thing you saw before you passed out.


When you opened your eyes you were staring at trees. Lots of them. From the tingling of your body you knew that you were in the Shade Forest. All Shadows came from this forest. 

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I Know I Got You By My Side


Thai Prince Nichkhun. Requested by someone who would like to remain anon.


Part 1

"You can set up these meetings all you want but I refuse to marry for anything but love," Nichkhun sighed, wanting to sink further into his chair but his entire life of public perfection stopped him.

His eyes flicked to where she was standing. Her face was covered by the white veil that told of her rank.

She was a Shadow Watcher, one of the chose maidens who would remain a virgin for her entire life while she protected the country from the Shadows. The Shadows were a terrible force that snuck into homes and destroyed everything in its path. As a Watcher she was blessed with the power to defend the realm with only her mind. She had unspeakable power in her little body.

And he wanted her. 

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Oh my goodness I feel super writing about Taemin in this way.

Taeminnie Requested by his Sherlock Teaser Photo Requested by

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Run ‘Till You’re Out of Breath

Kangin scenario

Titles from Sexy, Free and Single

Part 2


You watched with eyes full of water as you watch Youngwoon move further from his parents. 

"Gather everyone, we have an announcement to make," it was Youngwoons father with a microphone. 

Everyone immediately turned to look even your parents. Anything this family had to say would be an important message that all wanted to hear.

"So tonight is more than just a regular party. Tonight I wanted to present to you the future of the hotel business in Korea," his father was saying. "My son Youngwoon and this beautiful young lady Hyelim will be getting married this fall and we’re very excited about what this union will do for business. Their marriage will bring together two of the biggest hotels in Korea."

No mention of love between the two. No mention of happiness. Only of money and profit. And hotels. 

You wiped at your cheek, feeling the wetness beginning to slid down again. The applause grew loud.

You had to get out of there. Even if your parents got angry, this wasn’t your place any more. Now that you were losing Youngwoon, you wanted nothing to do with the damn hotel business. Your parents could find a new heir. 

You spun on your heel and moved towards the door, trying not to run at top speed. You urged yourself to remain slow and contained  You willed your parents to continue looking in shock at the Kim family.

"Wait!" It was Youngwoon. He said your name into the microphone. "Please wait. I have something to say."

You wanted to keep going but it was Youngwoon. And he was calling you. How you wanted to keep moving.

"Father I want to give up the hotel."

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I’d like to apologize to anyone who has sent me a message and I haven’t responded. For some reason it notifies me for some messages but not for all. So I got into my inbox and suddenly find like 5 messages that I never saw before. And I have no clue how long they have been sitting there. I’m sorry to anyone who thinks I’m ignoring them. I just don’t know what’s happening to my inbox!

ALSO!!!! Happy side note!!!!

I want to tell everyone how happy I am for those who got Infinite tickets, for any of the concerts! I was once again lucky enough to get tickets for this concert and I’ll  be heading out to New York in November to see these wonderful boys!

I hope everyone who wanted them got it and that everyone will have a wonderful time! Please enjoy yourselves!~~

Run ‘Till You’re Out Of Breath

Kangin scenario.

Title from Sexy, Free and Single.

Part 1


"We have to stop this," you said, accepting his kiss, completely contradicting your words. His hands skimmed your side, inching closer to your breasts, you shivered in excitement. You pulled him closer. Your body was a traitor.

"I want to," Youngwoon said, pushing you harder against the wall of the small closet.

His larger body was hot against yours, his suit was already coming undone. The sexual desire between the two of you was impossible to deny. Every time you got within five feet of each other your hand were all over, mouths plastered together.

"We’ve tried that, we’ve tried staying apart. It’s so hard," Youngwoon said, sucking your lower lip into his mouth. You leaned into him, his warmth was so comforting. You had come to rely on him.

In ways that you shouldn’t.

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I Can’t Tell You

So this story has changed from the original story idea but still we have a YaDongXOC story~ Please enjoy!

Sorry I can’t get the threesome out. Not very pervy, much below par for this blog but I wanted to finally get this out. the draft has been rewritten too many times to count. Also I’m writing a new KrisOC story on asianfanfics, if you’re an Exotic and you like Kris, you might want to check it out!


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